Getting informed

Becoming informed is hard. User research has shown us that Labour Party members want to be informed so that they can talk about issues with authority. One Labour councillor said: “Talking to people on the doorstep you realise that people think the [Tory] cuts are like the weather. They are something they have no control […]

Why we join the Labour Party

In our research sessions we always ask people why they joined the Labour Party. People join for much the same reason: to help build a society built on fairness and equality. The underlying set of Labour values is undeniable but the trigger to join can be quite varied: “It was 1968! There were people on […]

What do we mean by user-centred design?

User-centred design is at the core of our digital discovery. But what does ‘user-centred design’ mean? It is about putting people at the heart of the project and understanding what they need and why. For the Labour Party, a ‘user’ includes members (existing and new), staff, volunteers, and elected members. There are a number of […]

What we’ve been working on in the digital discovery

Since the start of the discovery project in January, we’ve been exploring how the Labour Party could be transformed by online technologies. The Labour Party is a large and complex organisation. There are many different places we could focus our discovery work. We’ve started by listening to members. We are meeting and talking to people […]

What do we mean when we say ‘digital’?

Over the last 9 months or so, I’ve been listening to lots of discussions about digital and politics. One of the common themes I’ve noticed in these discussions is the challenge of the broad subject of ‘digital’. What does ‘digital’ mean? It can mean different things to different people: social media, digital tools, IT, technology, […]

How should we talk to each other online?

Help us crowd-source our principles for political debate online More of us than ever are putting our lives online. We’re connecting and sharing on social media sites every day from our mobiles, computers and tablets.   Many people are polite and respectful to each other when they talk online. I love those serendipitous moments when […]

An introduction to the Digital Discovery

Tom’s blog post announced the digital discovery work that we’ve started to do for the Labour Party. We wanted to give a more detailed view of how we’re planning to approach the work. What we’re trying to do We want to understand what the best experience looks like for members, potential members, supporters, volunteers and […]

Digital revolution in the Labour Party

Digital is transforming nearly every part of our society.  I had a very clear message from Labour members during the Deputy Leadership election that they expect the party to change. By the next general election they expect us to use technology differently in our campaigns, in the way we make policy and how we organise our communities.

Joining the party should be the start of a journey. So we’re going back to first principles to look at how voters, members and supporters interact with us.